Through photography and the arts, I have traveled widely, and from this experience have gained insight into other people’s lives, cultures and an appreciation for multiculturalism in a global society. With an innate love for learning, I sought out mentors who expanded my breadth of knowledge and walked me to the door of education and teaching

As a teacher, I’m dedicated to the dignity and positive wellbeing of each of my students.  My intention when working with them is to support their intrinsic knowledge with the perspective and experience of others.  Encouraging and guiding them in a nurturing and positive environment to the compelling resources that are right for each of them as individuals - upon which they can build as they work to establish their own authentic voices. 

I encourage students to explore their role and that of art within society, using it as a creative tool for social commentary and to affect change.  My understanding of art history will help students to make critical and creative connections and, in so doing, discover a little bit about themselves and the work/art they want to create.

As teacher and interdisciplinary artist, I locate myself at the intersection of art, education and environmental/social engagement. My pedagogical approach is rigorous, supportive and individualized with an emphasis on student initiated projects.  Throughout the course of all my endeavors, I have cultivated a personal language of heartfelt communication and patience.