Smoke Signals

From its conception Smoke Signals was inspired by the social injustices levied on the Native Americans of North America for centuries and the DAPL protests. The exhibit’s title, Smoke Signals was chosen to homage the Native Americans living on Turtle Island. This exhibition brings together artists working in diverse media from various geographic locales across the United States and sits at the intersection of art and environmental activism, social justice and education. 

Beyond an art exhibit, Smoke Signals connected with local communities through programs that were created to serve and educate in an aesthetic way.  On the schedule for Saturday March 18th., a panel discussion with Riverkeeper, Catskill Mountain Keeper and guest artist Norm Magnusson to discuss the intersection of "Art, Activism and the Environment."  In the following weekends local students will be visiting the gallery for tours. 

Smoke Signals opened in the Tivoli Artists Gallery in March 2017



Cages is a work in progress, a provocative photographic essay exploring the relationship between freedom and confinement.  The malevolent of colonialism and the box man has created and lives in.  Both in its physical forms and in the recesses of their mind. 


Cooper Lake: my muse

Cooper Lake: my muse is a collection of ethereal photographs and writings created over a period of 2 years while living in the woods of Mink Hollow - 


Devereux School Art

I have had the privilege of teaching art to the students of the Devereux School.  In between the laughter and singing great things happen! The art they have created is nothing short of spectacular and has been exhibited in local cafe's and galleries in the Hudson Valley.